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Decleor Super Sizes. Aren't we lucky!?

April 10, 2020

Decleor Super Sizes. Aren't we lucky!?

10th April | Beauty | Posted by Megan Bromley

It's only at certain times of the year we are lucky enough to get offered the coveted Decleor super size products and four of them have just arrived. The Cleansing Milk, Toner, Micellar Cleansing Water and The Body Milk.

The Cleansing Milk is the original Decleor Cleanser. Its a light textured lotion that removes makeup, hydrates, smells amazing and effectively cleans the skin. Suitable for all skin types this cleanser is enriched with Neroli Essential Oil to help hydrate the skin, Detoxifying Green Tea Essential Water (this is the smell I love it's so fresh) which helps clean and tighten the pores and Sweet Almond Oil to help the skin feel comfortable and not tight when the cleanser has been removed. I usually massage it all over my face and neck and then remove with a muslin cloth or warm, damp cotton pads. I usually double cleanse too, Decleor also recommend this.

Decleors' Neroli Bigarade Toner is also the original Decleor Toner. It used to come in the Pink tear drop shaped bottle incase you've had it before. A toner is one of the most important things in any skincare routine, it plays a bigger part than you might think. Apply the toner after cleansing, pour onto a cotton pad and apply all over the face. Not only does this toner smell beautiful (its enriched with the Neroli Essential Oil and Green Tea) it helps remove any excess makeup or impurities and the coolness of the liquid helps close the pores ready for the next step to be applied. I'm always amazed how much makeup and dirt is left on the pad when I'm finished!

Heard of Micellar Water? These cleansing waters are popular of late. They are easy to use and almost a two in one formula. Just pour the Micellar Cleansing Water onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face and eyes to remove makeup and impurites, no need to rinse. It is said to be a cleanser, toner and eye makeup remover in one. This cleansing water is fragrance free so is particularly good for senstive and reactive skin types (think Rosacea too). The main ingredient is Rose Essential Oil which helps calm and soothe the skin. What does Micellar mean you may be wondering? Micellar technology is when tiny Micelle molecules attach to dirt and particles on your skin to direct them away from the face without loosing essential moisture.

Have you got dry, dehydrated skin anywhere on your body? Then this Neroli Bigarade Body Milk is for you. Its lightweight and non sticky with a beautiful fresh fargrance. The body milk contains Neroli Essential Oil, Macadamia Botanical Oil and Vitamin E to protect and hydrate the skin. It is 99% natural which is amazing, the 1% allows for ingredients that keep the texture and preservation of the formula perfect. Suitable for all skin types this body milk can be used daily and as an After Sun product. This is one of my favourite body milks becuase it gives you lasting hydration throughout the day and improves the hydration levels of your skin dramatically whilst usuing it.

Four amazing super sized products that have naturual ingredients and are salon quality that you can use at home. These will last forever too as you don't need to use much of them, a little goes a long way. Being able to purchase these products at a reduced price is just the news I need during lockdown! All £19.99 except the Micellar Water is £22.49, all retail between £35.00 and £40.00 each.

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